Australia car market deregulation: Bad or Good news?


Last February the Federal Government announced the Australian car market deregulation. The industry is wondering whether these regulations are good news for private buyers. They are concerned that these new regulations won’t lead to more affordable cars for the masses and could risk the jobs of dealership staff employed across the country because of the new concurrence.

However, the deregulation of the market will bring plenty of benefits for private buyers.


Benefits of the Australian car market deregulation:

A significant price gap emerges on vehicles with price above AU$63,184. For those, Luxury Car Tax adds 33% to the cost of the vehicle. Hence, luxury cars imported from the UK are a great deal!


Find below some price comparisons between car makes in Australia and in the UK.

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And those are not the only advantages. There are greater options of model choices overseas than in Australia. Indeed, there are some models that you will not find in Australia. For instance you cannot have a Volkswagen T6 Crewvan with 4 motions, top spec engine, DSG and wing doors because Volkswagen Australia does not offer this combination whereas it is available in the UK.


In a nutshell, the opening of the Australian car market to overseas is a huge opportunity especially for private buyers. They will have more choices and will be able to buy Luxury and sports cars at a lower price. Australian car dealers will also be taking advantage of these upcoming changes by being part of a trustable network of car dealers.


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Australia car market deregulation