Australian car market revolution


There has been ongoing and intense debate about the import of overseas cars everywhere in Australia since the announcement of the AU car market deregulation. Car dealers do not accept this change in regulations. But why would Australians have to pay more for some cars than other markets?

Austrlian car market revolution


Changes are coming in every generation and every industry. Innovation, technology, market demand and globalisation all bring changes to our world and have never been more important than in the past 10 years. One of the best example of this changing demand and market is Uber. Uber’s success lies in putting the consumer first and keeping lower prices and good quality service. Fare payments were made easy, rides were tracked and the driver rating service caused a massive positive shift in the industry. If a product or service fails to meet consumer demand it will be replaced and this is currently happening to the taxi.


Australian car market is following similar patterns. With the deregulation, consumer’s choice will be put first and despite what it is said, dealers have nothing to be scared of with the upcoming changes. They’ll have access to more choice, not just models that are dictated to them via their large multinational headmasters.


‘In the past 20 years, more than $30bn in taxpayer funds have be injected into Ford, Holden and Toyota’s manufacturing hubs; all in the hope of keeping car building alive in Australia. As soon as the government stopped the flow of money, all of them announced plans to back up and move on. Now, these same multinationals are asking to be the sole providers to the Australian automotive market in the future. This is not argument about safety or compliance quality.The real issue is that manufacturers will lose their monopolistic profits and margins. Surely an option that provides quality product that is widely available and chosen by an informed consumer is a better way for Australia’s future’ explained Jack Sandher president of the Australian Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (AIMVIA)


Web-based sales are increasing all around the planet. For instance, New Zealanders are spending more than $3.3B a year online. However, people still appreciate an offline contact with sellers and like to see what they are going to buy. With the retail face changing, the key factors for dealers success will be to effectively combine the online and offline worlds so they can understand and meet the needs.


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