Car shipping

Once you have decided the vehicle you would like to ship, we can take care of everything.


We have been involved in vehicle exports for more than 12 years, shipping on average more than 200 vehicles/month.

This significant expertise allow our dedicated team take care of your vehicle during the entire process, ensuring a safe transit and delivering your car in the same condition you purchased it.

Through our online car shipping platform, we can provide you with high quality photographs of your car and all documentation required for its arrival.

Due to our long term presence on the market and our volumes we offer very competitive rates for your vehicle exports to Australia. Our rates include:


  1. Receiving vehicle in Ipswich
  2. Pre-shipment inspection report
  3. Load/lashing vehicle
  4. Moister prevention bags 1 per car
  5. Shunt container to UK terminal
  6. UK Terminal handling
  7. Bill of Lading
  8. Australian Terminal handling
  9. Australian  Customs clearance
  10. Cartage to unloading depot
  11. Unloading vehicle
  12. DAFF inspection
  13. Ocean freight to any Australian sea port or container terminal.



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For more details please email or call us on +44 (0) 20 8988 7716


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Besides  our car shipping service we can help you to find reliable sources of supply and assist you on finance options.

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