The change of Australian car import rules results in cheaper cars

Is it true that we will see cheaper cars, because of the end of car manufacturing in Australia?   “The Australian Government is getting on with delivering safer roads and better vehicles for motorists as part of our detailed review of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act,” according to an Agent […]

Australian car import rules

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Top 5 Australian Driving Experiences

Want to explore Australia? Driving is one of the best ways to get a taste of Australia’s stunning landscapes. Import your car to Australia and hit the road! Here is a breakdown of the 5 most memorable Australian driving experiences.   1.  Waterfall Way NSW The Waterfall Way is a spectacular 200km […]

Abbot Government backs away from cuts to the ATS

Last Tuesday 7th April, the Abbott government announced that it has abandoned the plan to cut $900m from the Automotive Transformation Scheme (ATS), which supports the car making and auto components industry. Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane, said that the “decision has been made, primarily to ensure that the industry goes […]

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RAWS supports a lift of Australia import restrictions

Since last September, when the Government released a review of the Motor Vehicles Standards Act, different points of view from several institutions have been established. The Productivity Commission, the Australian Automobile Association and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission among others, support a potential change within the Act. On the […]

Virtual Showrooms

  This new breed of urban dealerships is expected to record an extraordinary high number of visits and become a one-stop-shop aimed at providing a unique brand experience. The dealership network as we know it now will change dramatically within the next few years. Although physically displaying only three to […]

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