Relaxation of car import restrictions in Australia

Aware of the upcoming changes in Australia?

Australia have their own set of design rules which are designed to protect their own car market. But now that companies like Ford, Holden and Toyota are going to stop manufacturing in Australia, there is no reason to keep these car import restrictions in Australia.

The Government decided in February 2016 to relax the restrictions on the personal importation of new cars from overseas. But this change of the Australian car market restrictions won’t effective before 2018.

Few years ago New Zealand removed similar restrictions and consumers have now access to more affordable cars and extra choice. Imported cars have become very popular in NZ, with around 173,000 cars imported per year. Having a population 28 times larger than NZ, Australia is likely to be a prosperous market for imported cars. car import restrictions in Australia

Why import UK cars?

  • Car prices in Australia are two or three times more expensive than UK. With the removal, Australians that could not afford a Jaguar for 60k will suddenly be able to afford it.
  • Imported cars will need to be right hand drive, so the obvious choice for new vehicles imported will be England.
  • Most UK cars are environmentally friendly, classified as Euro 4 or Euro 5 (European Emission Standards).

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