RAWS supports a lift of Australia import restrictions

Australia import restrictions

Since last September, when the Government released a review of the Motor Vehicles Standards Act, different points of view from several institutions have been established.

The Productivity Commission, the Australian Automobile Association and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission among others, support a potential change within the Act. On the other hand, car makers and auto industry groups disagree with any changes and want to keep protecting the existing market.


Lately, the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) has seemed to be in favour of potential changes. The chairman of the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS), Nuwan Piyatissa, stated that the current regulatory environment needs an urgent change. He disagreed with the current established cartel in which the price, supply and vehicles imported to Australia are controlled.

An overhaul in the act would increase the volume of used vehicles from other right-hand-drive markets, boosting competition and pulling prices down, said Piyatissa. He explained that Australian consumers would benefit from the access to cheaper second-hand vehicles and extra choice. For instance, “a 1998 Ferrari 355 imported from Britain, which would be on the road for less than $100,000, a saving of about $50,000 compared to one bought in the Australian market.”

Piyatissa suggests allowing “the import of vehicles up to six years old for models not imported new by the original manufacturer”.

For the moment the submissions are being checked and next month the Infrastructure Ministry is due to release a statement providing details about what will be next.

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