Understanding the Luxury Car Tax (LCT)

How does the Australian Luxury Tax work? There are 3 things you must know about the LCT:  What is the Luxury Car Tax? The LCT is a tax applied to vehicles with a price over $63,184. The LCT rate is 33% and it is charged on vehicles under two years […]

Luxury car tax

Australian car import regulations

Should I be worried about the changes in import restrictions on the AU RV Industry?

  As you may already know, the Australian government decided to amend import restrictions on new and used motor vehicle starting in 2018. While many interested parties hope that this won’t happen, the outcomes for consumers are cheaper vehicles and the ability to bring previously restricted vehicles into Australia, giving […]

Australian car market revolution

  There has been ongoing and intense debate about the import of overseas cars everywhere in Australia since the announcement of the AU car market deregulation. Car dealers do not accept this change in regulations. But why would Australians have to pay more for some cars than other markets?   […]

Austrlian car market revolution

Australian import regulation

Australia car market deregulation: Bad or Good news?

  Last February the Federal Government announced the Australian car market deregulation. The industry is wondering whether these regulations are good news for private buyers. They are concerned that these new regulations won’t lead to more affordable cars for the masses and could risk the jobs of dealership staff employed […]

What are the concerns about the car import deregulation

A couple of months ago the Australian government announced important changes in their car import regulations. These changes aim to ‘strike the balance between appropriate safety standards in line with international best practice, and consumer access to vehicles at the lowest possible cost’. In a nutshell, the purpose is to […]

What are the concerns about the car import deregulation


Australians buying more luxury cars than ever before

It’s said that Australians are in love with luxury cars and especially European luxury cars. Last year, 120,000 varied European luxury cars, including Mercedes Benz, Maserati or Porsche, have been added to the 1.1 million new vehicles on Australian roads. Several Australian car market studies show that in 2015 more […]

Confirmed – 2018 will bring new parallel imports to Australia!

  After long discussions, the Australian government officially announced some amendments to their Motor Vehicle Standards Act.   From 2018 consumers will be able to personally import a new car from another country up to once every two years.   To meet the new importation rules the car must: Be […]

2018 will bring new parallel imports to Australia

Government under pressure to allow grey car imports

Government under pressure to allow grey car imports

After the Government decision of not proceeding with the lift of parallel import restrictions on used cars, the discussion is still ongoing. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), in its attempt of avoiding grey car imports into Australia, has claimed lately that there have been some instances of used […]

AU government have changed import plans

  The Australian government decided late last month that the parallel import of used cars will not be endorsed, as recommended by the professor Ian Harper in the “Competition Policy Review”. In his recommendation, Harper suggested the relaxation of import tariffs and red tape on the importation of second-hand cars. […]

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Luxury Car Tax

Luxury Car Tax: Do we really need it on imported cars into Australia?

In Australia, the levy imposed on luxury cars is criticised by consumers for being extortionate and unwarranted. Cars are the only item in Australia in which a tax is imposed based on their implied ‘luxury’. Australian consumers also pay LCT on cars that many would not classify as luxurious. In […]