Should I be worried about the changes in import restrictions on the AU RV Industry?


Australian car import regulations

As you may already know, the Australian government decided to amend import restrictions on new and used motor vehicle starting in 2018.

While many interested parties hope that this won’t happen, the outcomes for consumers are cheaper vehicles and the ability to bring previously restricted vehicles into Australia, giving more choice to consumers.

The Caravan Industry Association Australia (CIAA) is one of the concerned parties. According to them, there will be a torrent of imports, particularly grey imports, that will be brought under the mask of ‘personal imports’ by backyard dealers.

However, Australians seem to be more optimistic. They welcome the import of overseas vehicles as long as imports do not take over the local industry and as long as the imported vehicles are entirely compliant and backed by a genuine warrant.

Aussies understand that Europeans, for instance, know how to build great vehicles and there is a danger that if they are excluded, the local AU industry will become isolated and the buyer-seller will miss the opportunity.

Another concern is about the differences between Australian standards and safety regulations and those overseas. There is no need worry about this matter as all overseas imported vehicles will have to match the Australian requirements. If you want to save time and money, do not forget that UK vehicles already meet these requirements. And it is also important to underline that some Australians standards were originally based on British ones.


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It is natural for local manufacturers to be worried about the new regulations. However, they should also think about taking a new direction such as the joint product created by that the Kiwi A’van and the German manufacturer Knaus. Or being far-sighted like the NZ manufacturer Traillaite, who – seeing the changes coming – decided to import a range of UK vehicles and sell them alongside its locally made product, giving itself a foot in both camps.


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As we mentioned in our previous article Australian car market revolution, in our global world such changes are inevitable even if the challenge is high and the implementation difficult.


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